Adventure Time!

Immediately following morning of the blizzard, my boyfriend and I went adventuring! It was crazy – we even found a stoplight that had been pulled from the ground and crashed on a bed of snow! I have never been so close to a stoplight before. The thought of taking it home with me momentarily crossed my mind, but then I thought I’d probably get arrested. I hope you enjoy the rest of my blizzarding photos!





kI still can’t believe we found a dislodged stop light in the middle of the snow.

fIgloo building!

eSledding down Widener steps.

dThe honorable John Harvard. And look, you can still touch his left toe (but you shouldn’t)!

aSledding down the streets… Having a car ban is really fun.


mRemember that other bike photo? Well…this was the same spot, 24 hours later.

I hope you enjoyed our adventuring! We were out so long…brr! But first blizzard I’ve ever experienced and all, so totally worth it.


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