Personal Milestone: Thesis Completed


Today I finished my thesis. Two copies handed in, both 71 pages and 20,270 words (one on super nice 25% cotton paper that is library archive approved – yah, my work is going to end up somewhere in a Harvard library, kind of crazy).

I know most people wonder what on earth am I going to do with all this literary analysis if I’m not intending on going to grad school, and there were a couple of times the past year where I wondered why I was writing a thesis. But it was actually a really great achievement. After printing my thesis, I was walking to the English department to hand it in, and I just felt so happy. I wrote this! I did this! It reminded me that it’s not so much whether I get an award, or money – it was that I applied myself to something and achieved something. Whenever I’m struggling with something in the future, wondering about its application or why I’m doing something in the first place, I’ll remember this moment.

3 thoughts on “Personal Milestone: Thesis Completed

  1. food4thesoul93 says:

    Congrats…it’s nice to accomplish something like that, even if you aren’t sure what you may do with it. Goal=task=commitment=accomplishment=satisfaction! Continued success, young lady. Thanks for visiting my blog, which helps with my satisfaction!



  2. Celebration time. What next after this? I did my undergrad. English lit. degree decades ago. Following year did my grad degree but not in English. What was your thesis on?


    • Alice L says:

      Thank you! Next I need to find a job… I wrote on Chinese American literature, invented language, and alternate family structures (not nuclear).


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