rain ghosts by Simon Clarke

I love the rain, the sound of the pitter-patter against my umbrella. The rhythmic beating against my window. The droplets that race with one another as I watch in the passenger seat.

Taking a break, I found these pictures by Simon Clarke beautiful and inspiring. I hope you like them too.

hd_7e031414ff612c405ea14cd7f7a3eee5 hd_9d8afebda89b4c9088c114092e7d2735 hd_96b2c1e009516160ded04a450c65a624 hd_598fe2b6d78c77ca153fd5cfe755f8d6 hd_959ad6382a26b3308bfe8e6f145eda50 hd_49667c46c1d8083f89088d55472a276d hd_ce1aab86a90efed54b16c11ad298f290


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