Dear Diary

When I was a child, I would start a new diary and begin with such fervor, endlessly documenting my life, activities, feelings for the first few days. Then my poor diary would lie on my desk, gathering dust. Then, after several weeks or months even, I would rediscover my forsaken friend and begin writing again, apologizing profusely to the small bound book. “I’m so sorry I haven’t written in you for so long,” I would always say. I feel a similar urge to say that here, to my readers, who have been so patient. Thank you for reading!

A large reason for my absence of late is because I have recently achieved a milestone in my twentysomething life – I now have  my first “real life” job. The small independent publishing house I interned for over a year ago reached out to me. I flew back to Boston, met with the director of the press (my now current supervisor), and the rest was history. I know, I know, after all the craziness about my decision to move in with my boyfriend, I found myself moving back to where I had just been. However, months and months before I had even left school, my boyfriend and I had already discussed and decided that if I were to get a job offer somewhere else, I should take it. When finding a job is so difficult in this economy, especially that initial jumpstart, I wasn’t going to throw away an opportunity, even if I would have much preferred being able to work in a different location.

So please do forgive me for my radio silence. I have been settling in to a new home, new job, and new life. I will be posting longer entries soon on each of these things.

  • On Work: I have learned a lot about what a work environment is like and why it is so important — as important if not more than what you are doing in that job. Also, even though I am now officially no longer “on the hunt” for a job, I have plenty left to say about it, especially given how I found myself in my current position.
  • On Kids: The past few months, I have been living with wonderful family friends, who happen to have small children. Having never been with a child (let alone two) under one roof, I have discovered a lot about children and parenting that I would never have known about at such a young age.
  • On Lifestyle: I have started (restarted actually, this time with the intent of fully finishing) Insanity, even if it meant waking up at 6 AM to do it.
  • On Art: My friend Kyle and I spent a day photographing before all the trees shed their leaves, and I am excited about posting them soon. On the learning side, I have started watching great tutorials on! I’m learning everything from html to drawing again.

While I say I have settled in, that doesn’t mean that “this is it.” Life is extremely unpredictable, especially at this age. One second you find your footing, and the next you’re back up in the air. (After all, I had moved in with my boyfriend, only to move out after a month of happy cohabitation.)  I hope you will stay tuned in for all my entries about the topics above, and all the unforeseen events to come!

A small preview…

Who knows what is beckoning beyond the corner.

Who knows what is beckoning beyond the corner.


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Congrats. on your first paid job after graduation! The publishing world world-wide is under great pressure these days to survive. Hope you will offer some new ways of doing things and in whatever way they need.


    • Alice L says:

      Thank you! It’s certainly different being a part of the working force… It puts all those shows that have office-politics and drama all into perspective.


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