rain ghosts by Simon Clarke

I love the rain, the sound of the pitter-patter against my umbrella. The rhythmic beating against my window. The droplets that race with one another as I watch in the passenger seat.

Taking a break, I found these pictures by Simon Clarke beautiful and inspiring. I hope you like them too. Continue reading

3D Paintings

Visual Reprise: 3D Paintings by Shintaro Ohata. 

Talk about innovative! Japanese artist Shinaro Ohata combines his paintings with his perfectly matching sculptures. He literally brings his 2D pieces to life. I love how the way he sculpted his pieces compliments the way he painted so well. Continue reading


Baby It’s Cold Outside

There’s a blizzard happening outside my window! In fact, this is my first ever blizzard. I’ve never experienced one before. I spent the earlier part of today in the library before I ventured out to try to take some photos. Oh my goodness does that wind make it chilly! Also, all the snow kind of saturated everything, so boo, but nonetheless it was an experience. I might go out again later tonight, but by then, it might be impossible to take good photos (without a tripod). I hope you enjoy the photos!


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