Dear Diary

When I was a child, I would start a new diary and begin with such fervor, endlessly documenting my life, activities, feelings for the first few days. Then my poor diary would lie on my desk, gathering dust. Then, after several weeks or months even, I would rediscover my forsaken friend and begin writing again, apologizing profusely to the small bound book. “I’m so sorry I haven’t written in you for so long,” I would always say. I feel a similar urge to say that here, to my readers, who have been so patient. Thank you for reading!

A large reason for my absence of late is because I have recently achieved a milestone in my twentysomething life – I now haveĀ  my first “real life” job. Continue reading



This is a little photo shoot I did of my good friend Ramon’s house! Over winter break, I had gone over and, after not taking photos in a very long time, began shooting because I found his place so interesting. Actually, since starting photography, I’ve found a lot of things very visually simulating. Sadly, I only had the span of an hour or two for the photos, so I wasn’t able to explore his entire house, but I hope you enjoy this small exhibit of some of what I took that day.


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