Last summer (2012), my boyfriend and I went on a road trip to Quebec! It was a seven hour drive, but my goodness was the scenery beautiful. The clouds were like paintings! Truly breathtaking.

_MG_1039Random story, but on the way there, we didn’t have any Canadian money, our phones started charging crazy for roaming, and we were almost out of gas. We did a pit stop in Drummondville where everyone only spoke French! We semi-freaked out about being stranded in Canada, but luckily we came across a hotel that swapped just enough money for us to buy enough gas to reach Canada.  Continue reading

Widener by Alice

“Harvard Can Do Better”

Yesterday, an anonymous Crimson op-ed  written by a current undergrad went viral. (I really recommend you read it.) The noteworthy piece recounts the struggles of having schizophrenia at Harvard. Most likely your first reaction will be something akin to “That’s crazy” – not at all because of the student’s mental disease, but at the horrendously poor mental health service this student has received from the college. This poor student not only cannot afford treatment, s/he must deal with classes, papers, and finals on top of hearing voices? One of the most noteworthy quotes that stuck out to me was: “I can apply for $5,000 to study bat droppings over the summer, but there is no application to pay for the treatment that enables me to function.” Continue reading


Adventure Time!

Immediately following morning of the blizzard, my boyfriend and I went adventuring! It was crazy – we even found a stoplight that had been pulled from the ground and crashed on a bed of snow! I have never been so close to a stoplight before. The thought of taking it home with me momentarily crossed my mind, but then I thought I’d probably get arrested. I hope you enjoy the rest of my blizzarding photos!


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The Morning After

A bit late because all of the thesis work I’ve been doing, but here is part one of the photos I took the morning after the blizzard. Also I was learning how to watermark photos, so please forgive any inconsistencies.

1In the morning, it was still snowing like it meant business.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

There’s a blizzard happening outside my window! In fact, this is my first ever blizzard. I’ve never experienced one before. I spent the earlier part of today in the library before I ventured out to try to take some photos. Oh my goodness does that wind make it chilly! Also, all the snow kind of saturated everything, so boo, but nonetheless it was an experience. I might go out again later tonight, but by then, it might be impossible to take good photos (without a tripod). I hope you enjoy the photos!


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