Daily Dose of Reading

Here we go again! That time when I share all the (online) things I’ve been reading. 

The Best Birth Control in the World is for Men: When I began looking into birth control, I was appalled to discover that really, birth control is a “woman’s” problem! We’ve got IUDs, Implanon, daily hormone shots, pills, etc… And for guys? Condoms and vasectomy. It was infuriating and made me feel that getting pregnant was a woman’s issue. The guy just has to remember to be sorta responsible and supply condoms, but girls have to endure all this other crap to really feel secure. Well, guess what? The best birth control in the world is for men! I know! Spread the word! But no one knows about this and no one in America (to my knowledge) has it. Why? Maybe because guys are terrified of having anything close to their nether regions. Well guess what? Women undergo procedures to have IUDs, and those aren’t even as effective and/or easy as this procedure for men! Seriously, spread the word. It even fights HIV!

Gay Men and Christian Wombs: Surrogacy’s New Frontier: I thought this was fascinating mostly because I’m not Christian and it never even occurred to me that Christian women would decide whether it was moral to help give birth for a gay couple. Also, the thought of being driven out of a town because you might do that? Crazy.

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Forgetting and Forced Forgetting

A Book Review of “A Pale View of Hills” by Kazuo Ishiguro

(In which I inevitably show that I am an English major.)

If the name Kazuo Ishiguro sounds familiar, you are most likely associating his name to his more recent books, such as Never Let Me Go, which was made into a star-studded movie (the handsome Garfield, the pouty Keira Knightly, and the doe-like Carey Mulligan) in 2012. If you are familiar with Never Let Me Go, you will find A Pale View of Hills and Ishiguro’s earlier works remarkably different. Even if you have not heard of Ishiguro or his works, his style will draw you into his dream-like worlds.

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